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Fabulous Boudoir Photography


I (Used to) Hate Gift Shopping for Men


Never Buy Him Socks Again

Ok, ladies. It’s that time again: Valentines, Father’s Day, anniversary, or—(shudder) his birthday. And—since we generally want to make sure we receive fabulous gifts when our turn comes around, we HAVE to get a gift! (Ok—and maybe LOVE comes into the picture too.) But what to get? He doesn’t need another shirt—and fancy watches are SO pre-recession. I'm just saying. Well, I have an idea for you that will knock his socks off-- the same socks you bought him on his LAST birthday.

Are you ready? Boudoir photography. No—I’m serious. Yes, of course of you.

Picture it: you present him with a fabulous box with a large bow on it. The glamorous heels on the front cover look just like a pair you happen to own, so he’s curious. He opens the lid slowly. It’s you! And you’re fabulous—and sexy—and wearing the hottest outfit he’s ever seen. He can’t believe his eyes! After relishing each and every image, he looks back up at you. And—well, I’ll let you finish the rest of the story.

A boudoir photography session is great fun. You’ll be creating a private gift that will be a special secret that only the two of you will share—unless, of course, you just HAVE to show all of your girlfriends. You can wear fabulous lingerie or some other sexy outfit and we’ll use creative posing and fantastic lighting to make you look absolutely glamorous. Boudoir photography is not nude photography—although it is often nude appearing. To add sensuality to the session, we also use beautiful wraps and several fun props. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own! Use your imagination, and think about some of your man’s interests. In the past, gals have used guitars, cowboy hats, footballs, jerseys, parts of a military uniform, boas, flowers, and even a bridal veil!

Now, if you are thinking you would be too modest/shy/totally freaked out to pose in your lingerie in front of a total stranger, don’t worry—we have red wine. But seriously, Alex will take the pictures and Barbara (that's me! the lovely assistant!) is always present to help you out. We work hard to make sure you feel totally comfortable and secure. Ours is an established and professional studio, and we really go out of our way to make you feel fabulous. Every single one of our clients has told us how much fun they had.

So now what? Well, you might need to go buy a new pair of heels—or dig that sexy nightie out of the drawer. Then, give us a call--210-885-9012. Sure, you’re going to thank us—but not as well as Your Man is going to thank YOU.