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Frequently Asked Questions


(Or—Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask because your man might hear you on the phone…)



So what exactly IS boudoir photography?


Boudoir photography is the hottest new trend in photography. (If you are into sounding totally hip, call them "b-pics.") Some folks call it lingerie photography—or pictures in your skivvies. Think of it as a very sexy (but totally tasteful) photo session.




Who takes the pictures?


We work as a husband and wife team. Alexander will take the pictures, and Barbara is always there to help you out. Now, we know you may be a little nervous, and that’s ok! Our clients always end up raving about how much fun they had. We really do work to put you at ease and make you feel totally comfortable. And—there’s always red wine.




Who are your clients?


Our clients are professionals, teachers, lawyers, nurses, soldiers, writers, artists--you name it! Many are wives or girlfriends who want to give a private, personal gift to their significant other. We work with women of all ages and sizes, and we are sensitive to the fact that some of us have ever-so-slight imperfections that we don't want showing. No problem at all! Tell us what you are self-conscious about, and we will work with creative lighting and posing to make you look your absolute best.



Do I have to bring my own outfits?


Yes. Look in that bottom drawer for your sexiest lingerie and get out your hottest, sexiest heels. Aw, what the heck—go out and buy a new pair! Great fitting jeans and a button shirt also work well, as do party dresses or boy shorts. (How about those Daisy Dukes you haven't worn in a while?) If you're doing bridal boudoir, you might bring whatever you're planning on wearing on your wedding night. Use your imagination here! Vintage pin-up is a great look, as is girl-next-door sexy. Or go edgier! It’s up to you.



How many times can I change?


In order for you to get maximum picture-taking time, we recommend you limit it to your three most fantabulous outfits. (But hey, we're flexible!)



What about props?


We have a few in-studio: a bella umbrella; some wraps; a cool antiqued American flag; some vintage mink; and a number of beautiful fabrics. Feel free to bring your own! Some ideas are rose petals, leather jackets, wedding veils, and flowers. Think about your man’s hobbies and go with those! We’ve had musical instruments, snowboards, footballs, a flight jacket, several sports jerseys, uniforms of all sorts, boots and a cowboy hat. One gal even brought in a camel whip! (You know who you are!!!)



Where do the sessions take place?


At the Still Life Studio, 1800 Fredericksburg, ste. 101. There is a place to change.  We can also shoot on location, if you prefer. 



Do you do nudes?


No—but we do nearly-nude and nude-appearing.



What is the investment?


Our sessions are $300, which is due at the time of booking. Of that, $200 is a nonrefundable session fee; the remainder $100 becomes a print credit for you to use however you’d like on the items listed here. We also offer fabulous bedroom boxes and albums.  Your sessions also includ a "red carpet reveal, which will take place about two weeks after your shoot. During your reveal, you get to come by and view your fabulous images in large format.  Super fun!



Bedroom Box? What's a Bedroom Box?


Glad you asked! We customize fabulous image boxes with your beautiful picture on the cover. Inside are 15 matted images of you looking amazing. See that picture to the left? That's a bedroom box.



I really want to do this, but my anniversary is next week. Is it too late?


Well—we probably can’t get you in the studio and have the pictures back, but no worries! Here’s what you can do: Wrap up one of your pieces of lingerie in our cute little bags with one of our postcards, and let him know he’s got something to look forward to!



My man is overseas! I don’t want to send the pictures to the desert. How will he see them?


We host our images online on a password protected site. Give him a teaser online, and let him know he’s got more waiting for him when he gets home.



Can I bring a friend?


Absolutely! And—if she wants a session too, you will both get an additional $25 in image credit.



Do you do bachelorette parties?


Yes—and the bride is free! Start your party with us. The bride will have a wedding gift for her groom that he'll never forget, and you'll get some fab-o images too! Give us a call, and we’ll handle all the details.



Why aren't there more pictures on the website?


Good question! Our clients are moms, brides, professionals, and general gals about town. Sure, they’re willing to take it off for their special someones, but we respect the fact that they don’t want to appear on a website. We do have many more samples that we can share with you in our gallery, so quit reading and call us for a free consultation!



What am I waiting for?


Better question! Give us a call and book your appointment today! We’re at 210-885-9012.


Do you sell Gift Cards?


Absolutely! Purchase yours at



Are you on Twitter or Facebook?


Yes! Follow us at @StillLifePhoto on twitter or visit